Skagit Valley Snow Geese Eco Tour - Visit Skagit Valley - North Cascades National Park to Farmlands to Salish Sea

Skagit Valley Snow Geese Eco Tour

skagit-valley-geeseJoin Skagit Guided Adventures Skagit Valley Snow Geese Eco Tour to experience the unforgettable sights, sounds & behaviors of these very gregarious birds!  They will “Re-Wild” Your Spirit!

Thousands of Snow Geese have arrived, once again, from the Russian Arctic tundra!  With their young chicks in tow, they will spend Fall, Winter & Spring grazing the farm fields of Skagit Valley, in NW Washington.  

The exciting part of the tour is finding them; they move from field to field every day, and throughout the day.  Once upon them, you’ll immediately be serenaded by the incessant cacophony of their calls.  Watching them move as a giant flock as they feed is simply mesmerizing.  With binoculars, follow individuals to see how they feed and interact with others.  Look up high for the incoming groups and watch them land.  At times, the entire flock takes flight and that becomes a spectacle in itself! 

Be camera ready to capture some incredible geese photos!  Learn how to identify them, about their biology, migration, ecological role, threats and much more during the tour.

The Skagit Valley Snow Geese Eco Tour is an ideal Adventure for a single traveler, a small group of friends, a family, or a custom charter.  They cater to everyone’s interest and level of birdwatching, from the beginner birder to the life-list birder…and provide binoculars!

Interested in more birdwatching?  Opt for the Skagit Birdwatching Eco Tour which includes the time looking at geese and a few more hours looking at the incredible variety of seabirds, sea ducks, shorebirds, raptors and waterfowl that overwinter in Skagit Bay, Fidalgo Island and the Salish Sea. 

Staying in Seattle or Vancouver but don’t have a car?  You don’t need one; just hop on the Amtrak Cascades train to the Mount Vernon Station pickup, where all the Adventures begin. Skagit Valley is just a hop across the Skagit River bridge.

Skagit Guided Adventures offers small group Nature Tours around Anacortes, Fidalgo Island and Skagit Valley to see wildflowers and wildlife.  In addition, Day Hikes are offered around Mt Baker and the North Cascades.  Join one of these fun Adventures for a day or stay longer for a multi-day Adventure to “Re-Wild” Your Spirit! in NW Washington.