Youth InFARMation - Harmony Fields Farm - Visit Skagit Valley - North Cascades National Park to Farmlands to Salish Sea

Youth InFARMation – Harmony Fields Farm

Join Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland on a virtual farm tour around scenic Skagit Valley!  Learn how our local farms use science, technology, engineering, and math to grow food and fiber for all of us to eat, use and enjoy.

Meet Jessica Gigot and learn how STEM is used at Harmony Fields farm to raise sheep, make cheese and practice agroecology (agriculture + ecology) such as composting.

Many Skagit Valley farmers and food producers sell their products at their stores, farm stands, or farmers markets. Some are roadside attractions and other adorable markets.  Each farm stand, store, market, or u-pick has a different personality, giving an inside story of the farmers and owners.  Take the opportunity to buy fresh food directly where it is produced. Experience how your food is grown, raised, or produced by visiting Skagit Valley!