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Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is the largest tulip festival in the USA by acreage of tulips, number of farms, and days of blooms. It is held annually in April and features fields of tulips, display gardens, experiences, and events. Historically, the tulip was a symbol of paradise on Earth.  We welcome you to our modern-day paradise on earth, the Magic Skagit Valley, where millions of tulips burst into bloom in April during the Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival!

photo credit: Pam Headridge

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival features four farms:  RoozenGaarde, Tulip Town, Tulip Valley Farms, and Garden Rosalyn.  Skagit Valley bulb growers invite visitors to take a scenic drive through the Valley and experience the art of farming during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival and throughout the year. Did you know that agriculture is the No. 1 industry in Skagit County?   More tulip and daffodil bulbs are produced here than in any other county in the U.S.,  and local farmers produce about $261 million worth of 90 different crops, livestock, and dairy products on 93,000 acres of land. In addition to food and fiber products, agriculture in the Skagit Valley provides habitat for thousands of swans, snow geese, and dabbling ducks.

La Conner Daffodil Festival Pam Headridge

Daffodils & Snowgeese by Pam Headridge

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Bloom Map

“When do the tulip blooms” “Are the tulips blooming yet” or “When does the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival begin” are some of the most popular questions we receive.  Mother Nature decides on the exact dates for the tulips to bloom, but the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival experiences and events start on April 1st and last throughout April. Follow @skagitvalleytulipfestival and @visitskagit for the latest updates!


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This exclusive mobile passport is a curated collection of Tulip Festival attractions, retailers, restaurants, and more, offering check-ins or deals and discounts to redeem during your Skagit Valley visit. Your passport will be instantly delivered to your phone via text and email and is ready to use immediately! There is no app to download. Your pass can be saved to your phone’s home screen for easy one-tap access. When visiting a participating location, check in using your phone’s built-in GPS and record your visit to count towards earning prizes!

skagit valley tulip festival passport


Click on the arrow to the left of the Skagit Valley logo to see the list of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Farms and Gardens.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Farms


Enjoy a tulip experience in a parklike 12 acres of color at Tulip Valley Farm on Bradshaw Road.  Tulip Valley Farm features over 10 miles of grass “Tulip Trails” with iconic views of the North Cascades and Olympics and the only u-pick tulip field at the festival.  Enjoy and savor an eclectic assortment of food trucks and a beer, wine, and cider garden.  There will be photo opportunities with Mother Nature on her Springdom Throne and U-Pick bouquets on “Tulip Island.” At night, be prepared for the Night Bloom, a light show and explosion of spring color after the sun goes down!

Tulip Valley Farms has 5 acres of free parking, weekday/family discounts, and ticket bundles. For a more intimate experience, pre-order tickets to Tulip Valley Gardens on Pulver Road, right off I-5 and Highway 20! You can choose from unique experiences like Tea Time in the Tulips, Guided Painting Class, Magical Boutique, Professional mini photo sessions, and u-pick.



Tulip Town has a variety of ticket levels this upcoming season, including; General Admission, Anytime, Anytime Plus, Experience Pass, and Photography Pass.  Open Monday-Thursday from 10 – 6 and Friday – Sunday from 9 -7, general admission includes parking, an old-school trolley ride through the tulips (weather-dependent), a beautiful outdoor garden and indoor mural displays, Tulip Town’s retail boutique, and a flower stand with bouquets and potted tulips.  Enjoy food, treats, and specialty espresso drinks from the Skagit Landing Cafe.  Tulip Town Beer & Wine Garden offers local Skagit beer, wine, and cider.

Tulip Town now allows dogs. Dogs will be allowed with any ticket level except the Experience Pass.  Tulip Town requires dogs to remain on a short leash, be picked up after, and be well-behaved around people and other dogs.  Tulip Town does not allow drones.

When purchasing online, general admission is $15 for ages 12+, $7 for ages 6-11, and $13 for Seniors/Military, and kids five and under are free.  Ticket prices will be higher at the gate.  For details on all the admission options, please visit Tulip Town’s online ticket sales:


photo by pam headridge


RoozenGaarde offers General Admission tickets for $15 per person, with children ages two and under free from 9 AM – 7 PM on weekdays and 8 AM – 7 PM on weekends.  The General Admission tickets include access to the RoozenGaarde’s 5-acre display garden, a 25-acre tulip field, and a 25-acre daffodil field.  The RoozenGaarde Gift Shop and Fresh Cut Tulip Market will be open.  The gift shop hours during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival are 9-7, and RoozenGaarde closes 10 minutes after sunset.  RoozenGaarde does not allow pets or drones.


skagit valley tulip festival


Garden Rosalyn features acres of tulips in intricate designs.  Enjoy picnic tables and on-site food trucks.  Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome!  Admission is $12 and children five and under are free.  Parking is free.  Garden Rosalyn is located at 16648 Jungquist Rd, Mount Vernon, WA.  You can give them a call at 360-202-7982.


Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Photo Contest

Celebrate Spring with the 2024 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Photo Contest aimed at capturing the essence of our beautiful Skagit Valley while fostering community engagement. Presented in partnership with North Coast Credit Union, the contest invites photographers of all levels to showcase their creativity and skill through captivating imagery.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival FAQ

Q: Where is the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival held?
A:  The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is designed as a driving tour.  There is no one location, but there are four Tulip Farms and Growers you do not want to miss. The tulip fields are centrally located between La Conner and Mount Vernon.  Events and happenings are all around Skagit Valley. The tulip fields are the crops of RoozenGaarde/Washington Bulb Co., Inc., Tulip Town, and Tulip Valley Farms. Because of crop rotation, the tulip fields are different each year. RoozenGaarde, Tulip Town, Tulip Valley Farms, and Garden Rosalyn also have displays of tulips in gardens for visitors to view and photograph. All the tulip bulb growers charge admission and have free parking.

Q:  How do you buy tickets to the gardens?
A:  Tulip Town, Roozengaarde, Tulip Valley Farms, and Garden Rosalyn tickets are available online.  See Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Farms above for links to purchase tickets.

Q:  Can I drive by and look at fields without purchasing tickets?
A:  Tulip Fields:  Drive-by 24/7, located between La Conner and Mount Vernon.

Q:  Are the tulips blooming yet? When is the best time to view the tulips?
A:  Mother Nature decides on the exact dates for tulips to bloom.  Keep an eye on the Bloom Map and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!   The Tulip Festival runs the entire month of April.  The least crowded times are weekdays, early mornings, and late afternoons.  Weekends are busy – your best experience will be booking a Lodging Option in Skagit Valley and driving by the fields in the early morning or late afternoon.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Bloom Map

Q: What date is the Tulip Festival?
A:  The Tulip Festival is held from April 1-30 annually.
  However, mother nature determines when the tulips bloom.  Some years the tulips bloom the last week of March, and in other years they may not bloom until the second week of April.  Also, different varieties of tulips bloom earlier and later.  The La Conner Daffodil Festival features the first blooms of Daffodils in March.

Q:  I would like to start planning my trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival – Where is a list of events?
A:  The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival brochure will be ready in January.  Click here for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2024 brochure.

Q:  How much does it cost to go to the Tulip Festival?
A:  To view the fields as you are driving by is free, but to enter Tulip Town, Roozengaarde, Tulip Valley Farms, and Garden Rosalyn, see above regarding tickets.

Q: What time does the Tulip Festival open?
A:  You can view the tulip fields at any time!  However, each bulb grower has different hours for the display gardens.  See above for each garden display hours.

Q:  Is the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival kid-friendly? Are there activities or events for children?
A:  Yes!  Here is a great blog post regarding Tulip Festival Activities For Kids.

Q: How accessible is the Tulip Festival?
A:  All four display gardens offer Disabled Parking. Roozengaarde display garden’s have level gravel paths, and Tulip Town’s indoor facility and display garden are easily accessible.  Garden Rosalyn offers a vista to view the garden, but the property is sloped.

Q:  Are there Tulip Festival Tours available? Or other tours?
A:  Yes – check out our list of Tulip Festival Tours.  If you enjoy tours, check out our other Skagit Tours offerings, including whale watching and Deception Pass boat tours.  If you prefer a self-guided tour outside the tulip world, check out our guided maps, the self-guided Skagit Farm to Pint Ale Trail, and the  Skagit Food Trail.  Still up for more? Check out Things To Do in Skagit County.

Q: Is it possible to ride our bikes, and are bike paths alongside the fields?
Yes! All the roads are nice and flat around the tulip fields, and almost all have shoulders to ride on.  Check out the Skagit County Bike Map for routes and the Skagit Food Trail for information on e-bikes in La Conner.

Q: Can I pull over to take pictures of the tulip fields?
A:  You will see no parking signs on the roads next to the fields.  Because of safety reasons, please use a parking area.

Q: Can you bring your dogs to the Tulip Festival?
A:  Tulip Town and Garden Rosalyn allow well-behaved dogs on leashes.

Q:  How do I get there – Directions?
A:  Take I-5 North from Seattle or I-5 South from Vancouver, BC.  Depending on what direction you are heading and what fields you want to view, use the Tulip Festival map to pick your exit.  You will be heading West from I-5.

Q: I’m from Canada – Can we take cut blooms back over the border?  What about bulbs?
A:  Yes – you can take cut tulip blooms over the border.  However, bulbs are unavailable for purchase during the tulip festival as they are in the ground but can be shipped to Canada in the fall.

Q: Is there a printable map and listing of all the events?
A:  Yes.  You can view the printed map in the Skagit Valley Festival Brochure.
2024 Brochure

Q: When Do Tulips Bloom?
A: Skagit Valley tulips have been farmed here since the early 1900s. Today the “field tulips” are the crops of the Washington Bulb Co., Inc/RoozenGaarde, Tulip Town, and Tulip Valley Farms. The field tulips bloom in April, but the weather determines exactly when. Check bloom status at the BLOOM MAP, call the Tulip Festival office at 360.428.5959, and visit our Instagram and Facebook pages. Tulip crops rotate, so that you will need a new map each year.

Q: Where do I Park for the Tulip Festival?
A: Decide which gardens you are going to visit, purchase tickets and follow their directions for parking.

Q: Is there Private Parking at the Tulip Festival?
Landowners sometimes charge for parking. The money you pay cannot be used for admission or other parking.

Q: Can I park on the shoulder to view the tulips?
A: This parking is very limited. Sheriff’s officers will issue tickets.

Q:  Can I bring my drone to the Tulip Festival?
A: Drones are not allowed in the gardens or the fields.

Q:  I’m a professional photographer – Do I need to credit RoozenGaarde to publish photographs of the display garden or fields?
A: Please sign the Tulip Festival Photo Release Form and return it to the Roozengaarde (Washington Bulb Co.) office. Tulip Town has special Photography Passes, and Tulip Valley Farms has professional mini-photo sessions.

Q:  I’m a tour bus operator – Do I need to fill out a reservation form for bus parking?
A:  Yes – please fill out the Tulip Festival Bus Reservation Form.

Q: What is the difference between RoozenGaarde, Tulip Town, and Tulip Valley Farm?
A:  RoozenGaarde has display gardens and a gift shop and does not allow dogs.  Tulip Town has a trolley ride through the tulip fields, a display garden, a gift shop, food, espresso, a beer and wine garden, and allows dogs.  Our newest Tulip grower – Tulip Valley Farms, has grass trails through the tulips, food, beer & wine, a night show, and u-pick, and offers experiences such as tea time in the tulips, guided painting class, and professional mini photo sessions.

Q: What else is there to do in Skagit Valley in the spring?
A: Check out our driving itinerary and video for a Spring Skagit Road Trip!
A: Check out the Skagit Food Trail
A: Check out Skagit Farm to Pint Ale Trail
A: Explore our website!

Q:  Can you give me a birds-eye view of Skagit Valley?

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is Magic Skagit at its finest! The Magic Skagit Valley’s natural wonders include the Salish Sea shorelines, bays, islands, mountains, the Skagit River, and one of the largest and most diverse agricultural communities west of the Cascade mountain range. See why the rest of the world agrees that Skagit Valley is magical! Thank you for visiting the Magic Skagit Valley!

photo credit: pam headridge

Skagit Valley Tulip History

The popularity of tulips in Skagit Valley can be traced to Mary Stewart who traveled west with her husband from Ohio in 1903 in search of better weather. They settled on 40 acres of timberland on Samish Island. In memory of her mother, Mary decided to grow some tulips as her mother did back East. Stewart recalled that when her first bulb delivery came from Holland by boat, half the town turned out to see it. Later, Mary Stewart had a thriving mail order business selling bulbs to garden clubs. By 1930, the Stewarts had outgrown their 40 acres and expanded 5 miles northeast of La Conner. Seven years later, they had the biggest bulb farm in Skagit which included 40 acres of tulips, 80 scares of daffodils and 25 acres of irises. Thank you, Mary Stewart, for starting a lasting tradition of tulips in the Valley!