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La Conner Banner Project: Celebrating Local Photographers on Morris Street

La Conner, a picturesque waterfront town known for its charming streets and vibrant arts community, is about to get even more colorful and welcoming. Introducing the La Conner Banner Project, an exciting initiative aimed at celebrating local photographers and beautifying Morris Street with their stunning work.

In the coming weeks, the La Conner Banner Project will unveil the first set of banners featuring the shared seasons of Fall and Winter (front and back), and as spring approaches, town will replace the first with a second set of banners featuring Spring and Summer (front and back). The La Conner Banner Project is a collaboration between Magnus Marketing LLC, the La Conner Chamber of Commerce, and a talented group of local photographers. The project’s primary objective is to showcase the incredible talent of the area’s photographers while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Morris Street for residents and visitors alike.

Morris Street, a popular thoroughfare dotted with boutique shops, galleries, and cafes, will come alive with a visually captivating display that will lead the way to even more shops and restaurants and services on 1st Street. Each banner will feature a unique photograph captured by a local artist, showcasing the beauty and essence of La Conner and the surrounding Skagit Valley. From breathtaking landscapes and charming architectural details to vibrant cultural events and local wildlife, the photos selected for the banners will offer a diverse and captivating representation of the region. These banners, measuring 20” W x 84” H, will be strategically placed along Morris Street, ensuring that they become an integral part of the town’s daily visual experience.

The La Conner Banner Project serves as a fantastic platform to gain recognition and exposure within the community for hired local photographer, Sarah Walls, owner of Cedarbrook Studio in La Conner, as well as amateur and enthusiast photographers Liz Trythall, Michelle Marks, Judy Booth, and Cathy Herda who submitted their images to the Photo Challenge this fall hosted by Magnus Marketing.

The La Conner Banner Project invites everyone to celebrate the remarkable photographers who call this region home. Be prepared to be inspired, moved, and transported through the lens of their creativity.