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Alfred Currier

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National recognized artist Alfred Currier has painted on location in Greece, France, Italy, Holland, Argentina and Mexico. However, Skagit Valley is where he calls home. “The Skagit Valley is an artist’s paradise, rich with subtle hues of color. From the low land title flats to the up-river region, it offers some of the most diverse landscapes in the country coupled with a quality of life.”

Andy Porter

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The question, “What does the valley mean to you?” is a deep one. It’s where I feel at home. I recall a song that said that home is a frame of mind. And that’s true for me. I have lived in many places where I was happy with life: work, relationships, love. But I was not satisfied with my environment. Living in the Skagit Valley I am close to the mountains, the water, the forest. Even if I cannot go there every day I am so close I can feel them. And that feeling makes me calm and contented. They are within my reach.


Benjamin Drummond

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Benjamin Drummond is a freelance photojournalist whose work explores the connection between people, nature and community. He is a contributor to the Skagit Land Trust book “Natural Skagit… a journey from mountains to sea” and the North Cascades Institute.

Connie Coleman

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I never tire of exploring light and appreciating how all things become new and exquisite when seen in the right illumination.

Jennifer Bowman

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“I believe everyone is an artist in some way, whether it is the presentation of a fine meal or the construction of a beautiful home, the wording of a contract or the way a mother raises a child. Each of us has the ability to make art. Mine just happens to be in paint.”

Julie Burgmeier

Julie developed new tourism websites and content marketing programs for Skagit County and La Conner, Washington along with more than a couple dozen other tourism and craft beer related businesses and organizations.  She has contributed to Sparksheet and travel-related blogs.  Julie splits her time between her homes in La Conner (on the Salish Sea and north of Seattle) and White Salmon WA (on the Columbia River and east of Portland) where she also has an airbnb.  She takes a break from it all in the wilderness where she lets her creativity go wild.

Kitty Bluhm

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My photography reflects the quiet beauty of Pacific Northwest Island shores, sunsets, gardens and wildlife. I hope to share the peace offered by quiet moments when the world stands still in golden silence.

Lee Mann

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“I hope you enjoy my work and that my photographs remind us all to treat the earth, our only home, a little more gently.” Lee Mann passed away after a brief battle with cancer on July 21st, 2011.

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Steve Berentson

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Many of us love Skagit County for its natural assets: among them are rugged beaches, pristine lakes, thousands of acres of forestland and some awesome views of the surrounding islands. Another element of my love affair with this community is its people, both natives and immigrants.

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Suzanne Rothmeyer

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Photography is, for me, an ever expanding landscape with endless possibilities – where I not only get to express my creative vision, but also get to meet some truly wonderful people. I’m a playful and creative shooter – I like to keep things moving, explore unlikely places, and simply capture moments as they unfold.

Todd Entrikin


My inspiration for shooting Skagit Valley? Well I grew up in the
valley, Samish Island. I’ve always admired the area for its
beauty. I went to Europe for a month, out of high school, and
saw a lot of amazing places. However, as I arrived back home,
with the sun setting over the San Juans, I realized it was the
most amazing place I’d seen that entire time.