Skagit Food Trail Business Application - Visit Skagit Valley - North Cascades National Park to Farmlands to Salish Sea

Skagit Food Trail Business Application

Skagit County, in partnership with the Northwest Agriculture Business Center (NABC), invite you to join the Skagit Food Trail to promote your culinary or agritourism business, make new connections with businesses in Skagit Valley and reach new customers.

Before completing the following application, please review the below benefits associated with being a food trail member and complete the criteria checklist to confirm eligibility to participate.

Each business will be vetted on a case-by-case basis by NABC to guarantee high quality and authentic visitor experience while not excluding businesses that would qualify under special conditions.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Map listing with business information included in the printed Skagit Food Trail brochure
  • Printed copies of the Skagit Food Trail brochure will be distributed across the state at key travel entry points, visitor centers, and events around the state
  • Up to 200 printed copies of the brochure are provided to each participating business
  • Skagit Food Trail signage provided to participating businesses
  • Online companion pages for the Skagit Food Trail on
  • Social Media and other marketing through Skagit Tourism


The criteria below are meant to identify businesses making a significant commitment to sourcing, producing, or growing local agricultural products, prepared foods, and value-added goods.  For the purposes of the Skagit Food Trail, we define “local” and “locally sourced” as products sourced within 100 miles of the place of business in question.

On-Farm, Vineyard and Agricultural Operations

  • On-farm experiential opportunities will qualify; ideally, on-farm sales meet the qualifications of farm stands
  • Farm stands grow, make, and/or sell a minimum of 50% Skagit grown or produced goods.

Fishers, Harvesters Direct Sales

  • Shellfish operations grow and harvest in Skagit waters. The majority of fish and shellfish sold to the public are species that migrate in Skagit waters.
  • Open to the general public for a minimum of three months and/or during the season (i.e. in the case of select farms with a very short season)

Meat, Fish, Cheese and Produce Retail

  • 75% of defining product is locally grown, caught, made, or produced in the Puget Sound region. At least 25% is Skagit grown, made, or produced.
  • Open to the general public for a minimum of three months and/or during the season (i.e. in the case of select farms with a very short season)

Craft Beverage Tasting Rooms

  • Production facility is located within Skagit County
  • Sources and promotes local and/or Skagit County ingredients

Food Processors

  • Product is made within Skagit County using and promoting Skagit grown ingredients.


  • 25% of products sold (including restaurant menu items, room amenities and gift shop offerings) are locally sourced
  • 50% of beverage offerings are from Washington State

Restaurants, Bakeries & Cafes

  • 25% of menu items are made from seasonally available ingredients purchased from Skagit farmers or food producers.
  • Washington wine and spirits are well-represented, and 50% of beer offerings are from Washington State

Experiences, Tours and Cooking Schools

  • Must use or showcase local food/craft beverage products

Farmers and Artisan Markets

  • 50% of participants are local food/craft beverage producers


*2023 Skagit Food Trail Application Deadline is August 31st, 2022.

Skagit Food Trail

Criteria Checklist

Is your business...[check all that apply]

Basic Information

Primary Contact
Primary Contact
Business Street Address
Business Street Address
Preferred Mailing Address (if different from above)
Preferred Mailing Address (if different from above)

Business Information

What Food Trail category does your business primarily fall under? [mark only one]
Which of the following activities/amenities does your establishment offer to the public: [check all that apply]
Is your business a Farm, Ranch or Fishery?

How important are the following motivations and/or goals in offering on-farm/ranch/fishery direct-sales and other agritourism activities? 1=Not at all important 2=Not very important 3=Neutral 4=Important 5=Very important

How successful have you been in achieving these goals? 1=Very unsuccessful 2=Somewhat unsuccessful 3=Neither successful nor unsuccessful 4=Somewhat successful 5=Very successful

What was your gross revenue, in US dollars, from agritourism and services in the last year?
Is your business a Eatery, Bakery or Cafe?

Rank the following in terms of importance to your business' success. 1=Not at all important 2=Not very important 3=Neutral 4=Important 5=Very important

Do you fit into one of these categories: Lodging, Artisan Products, Experiences, Craft Beverages ?

1. In your experience, how important is it to your customers that your business offers local ingredients and/or locally sourced value-added goods for sale or consumption?

2. How easy is it for your business to source local ingredients and/or locally sourced value-added goods to sell or serve to your customers?

Are you a Farmers Market?

Licensing, Compliance and Visitor Readiness | To be listed on the Skagit Food Trail, you need to affirm that you comply with the following licensing regulation and visitor readiness criteria. If you have questions, please contact Julie Burgmeier (

Please affirm the following to demonstrate your business is operating legally:
If applicable, which of the following services/amenities do you offer: [check all that apply]
Should visitors call ahead before visiting your business?