Beautiful Daffodils and Tasty Grains - Visit Skagit Valley - North Cascades National Park to Farmlands to Salish Sea

Beautiful Daffodils and Tasty Grains

You all have heard about the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, right? While the tulips are Skagit Valley’s most famous blooms, there’s nothing quite as extraordinary as entire fields of bright, cheery daffodils against a Mt. Baker backdrop during the La Conner Daffodil Festival. Did you know that more tulip and daffodil bulbs are produced here than in any other county in the United States? Nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the Salish Sea, Skagit Valley is just so beautiful in March, with the Daffodils blooming!

Do you know what else is grown in Skagit Valley’s rich soils? Premium barley! This barley is used for American Single Malt whiskey, including whiskey from Terramar, malted right here in Skagit Valley. Terramar and 12 other Skagit Valley breweries also brew craft beer with local barley. Experience Skagit Valley Breweries in March (or any time of the year) with the Skagit Farm to Pint Ale Trail passport tour. Planning a return visit in April? The Skagit Farm to Pint Roadshow celebrates the Skagit Valley local abundance of beer and bounty while supporting the non-profit Viva Farms’ mission to preserve sustainable farming.